About #WTM2014 and other Fairs

Just back from the WTM in London and I would write a post about the fairs.

In Fair not go unprepared, do not go just to go there ... because it is cool ... No !!!

It works much since before to leave on the field as physically: I can not imagine how many miles have been made in the last two days of the fair.
There are mail you send, contacts to make, meetings to organize and then to postpone the mail to all those who will move continuously appointments. And when you're at the Fair jumping from one event to the 'other making you an average of 500 meters every 20 minutes for 6-7 hours a day ...

At the Fair you will be enraptured by the beauty of the stand and from diverse promoter that invite you to visit him but most of all encounters two types of people, workers, professionals:

The person who looks at you from "top to bottom" full of himself
(In 90% of cases it has on her beautiful chair in his small stand)
The person who seems to know for a lifetime even if you've only seen 2 minutes before
(You meet him at the bar of the 'entry number 7 between Asia and the Middle East)

I want you to talk about the people that I met of the 2nd type for instance:
Professionals who came from many different nations of the world and had the only goal do business and not to idolize their ego.

A few years ago a friend told me to go to the fair only served to share many Business Card ... I've never been in tune with this statement. If you act as Professionals and meet other Professionals in a fair you can only make so many BUSINESS!!!

Good Fair to all